Our Studios

Currently, we are only accepting children between the ages of 5 and 10 years old for enrollment.

For ages 5 to 7

Montessori Kindergarten Studio

Harness curiosity

In our Montessori Studio, children learn through specially designed hands-on materials and lots of play. Guides help model skills to students, then give them the freedom to learn at their own pace and from peers across age ranges. Our focus is educating the whole child, including physically, socially, mentally, and emotionally, and tailoring everything to individual needs. Our learners develop core academic skills as well as good character, both individually and in community.

Montessori kindergarten learners:

  • Grow curiosity through hands-on projects and outdoor adventure "Spark Play".
  • Explore mindfulness, natural interests, and music, and have a LOT of fun.
  • Build the foundations of independent learning, reading, writing, communication, and math.
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For ages 8-11

The Elementary Studio

Accomplish important work and play well with others

Our Elementary Studios are a vibrant mix of hands-on projects, cutting-edge technology, and self-paced academic mastery. Students are surrounded by a close-knit group of peers, and on any given day they could be building racing prototypes in our Makerspace, exploring and connecting with nature, or having a Socratic discussion about history. Each student has the freedom to learn in an environment that challenges them to be excellent while respecting their unique gifts.
Elementary aged learners:

  • Ask great questions.
  • Have fun and welcome others.
  • Set and track goals.
  • Build a solid foundation in math, reading, writing, and Civilization.
  • Explore, are curious and develop a love of learning through hands-on project-based learning.
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For ages 11-14 | Coming Soon

The Middle School Studio

Learn to work hard

Middle school is the perfect time to develop intellect and character while gaining a deeper sense of self and the real world. Students have a broad palette of topics to study and pair in-depth academic exploration with real-world connections to experts and local apprenticeships. Middle School is about deepening a passion for individual subjects while broadening your understanding of yourself and your future.
Middle School learners:

  • Master core skills (reading, writing, and math) through the latest technology.Ā 
  • Develop critical thinking and an appreciation for heroes and history through Socratic discussions.
  • Dive deeply into biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, finance and psychology through immersive quests and public exhibitions.
  • Prepare for the real world through challenging apprenticeships.
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For ages 14-18 | Coming Soon

High School Studio

Committing to a Next Great Adventure

Our high school will be designed to help you find your passions and achieve your goals. What do you want to do?

  • Go to college?
  • Start your own business?
  • Launch a nonprofit?
  • Take a gap year?
  • Learn a trade or specific technology skill?
  • Start a job after high school?
  • Join the military?

As a micro-school, we are flexible and adaptable and capable of customizing each studentā€™s high school learning experience. Working in tightly-knit teams of students and our Guides, Active Leadership Academy students explore everything from the sciences to art to robotics and coding to advanced and college credit courses. No test, no grades, no homework, just real-world lessons leading to real-world success. This is 21st-century learning.

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We believe that learning to do, learning to be, and learning to learn are more important than memorization.